African Planning Society Secretary-General, Archimedes Muzenda. APS Photo/Mark Walt.

Archimedes Muzenda, the inaugural Secretary-General of the African Planning Society, took office on the 1st of January 2020. Having witnessed the deterioration of human settlements across Africa in both rural and urban areas, the Secretary-General is determined to transform the planning profession in its role of creating better communities, communities that are more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive. Prior to his appointment as Secretary-General, Archimedes has been director of policy advisory and senior researcher at the African Urban Institute. He also held various research positions and fellowships supporting cities across Africa with on strategies for urban transformation. Archimedes has authored various publications including two books, Dystopia and Transpolitical Cities. Archimedes graduated from Central European University with a Master of Public Administration and from University of Zimbabwe with a BSc in Rural and Urban Planning. As inaugural Secretary-General Archimedes is responsible for building membership of the Society, establishing partnerships and overseeing the policy direction of the Society as directed by the board of directors.

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