Policy Centre

Legislative Priorities

Each year, the African Planning Society sets priorities to guide legislative reform in the practice of planning and development of African communities.

Policy Principles

The principles determine the African Planning Society's position on emerging planning issues in Africa.

Policy Guides

Guides represent the African Planning Society's official position of critical planning issues across Africa.

Policy Letters

The African Planning Society writes and signs on letters in support of issues that impact planning across Africa.

Policy Statements

The African Planning Society issue statements on proposed policies and legislation that impact planning.

Policy News & Insights

The Dangers of Strongmen Town Planners in Africa

“Africa doesn’t need strongmen; it needs strong institutions.”The remarks by then President of the United States, Barack Obama...

APS Urges African Governments to Adopt Planning for Recovery Agenda

Following the announcement of the legislative priorities for 2022 under the theme Planning for Recovery Agenda, APS has written and...

African Planning Society Announces Legislative Priorities of 2022

Every year, the African Planning Society (APS) sets legislative priorities, which it urges African governments to adopt for...

Planners Advocacy

The Planners’ Advocacy Network is a division of the African Planning Society that is committed to shaping national and local planning policies across Africa through advocacy and lobbying. The Network equips the advocate member with the right tools and knowledge they need to promote policy and legislative reform.