Our Mission

Creating Better African Communities

The African Planning Society will lead the transformation of African communities towards achieving prosperity, sustainability, and equity in cities, towns and rural settlements across Africa. The Society will promote the application of best practices in development and management of communities across the continent.


Strategic Goals

APS's strategic focus is on our strategic goals that provides direction to the efforts of its leadership, its members, secretariat and the volunteers.

Multistakeholder Membership

APS's diverse membership of planning professionals, elected officials, allied professionals promotes the planning and development of more equitable communities.

Capacity Building

The Society seeks to build capacity of planning professionals to have the knowledge, skills, and cutting-edge insights to tackle the most pressing issues in communities across Africa.

Planning Advocacy

APS promotes the understanding of planning and the role of planners, ensuring planning is valued by policymakers, and communities across Africa.

Ethics and Standards

APS promotes the best practices, professional ethics, and standards in planning across Africa. It trains its members on how to handle politics and governance issues in practice.