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The City Planning and Management division of the African Planning Society explores issues focusing on the planning of communities, land use planning, urban management across Africa. Hosting forums and webinars, it advises the board of directors and the Society on issues to do with planning and management.

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The division is led by an appointed chair whos is supported by two coordinators.


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Division News & Insights

What “Sub-Saharan Africa” Really Mean in Planning

In planning and urban studies, the term “sub-Saharan Africa” is of widespread use. But what does it mean?...

The Dangers of Strongmen Town Planners in Africa

“Africa doesn’t need strongmen; it needs strong institutions.”The remarks by then President of the United States, Barack Obama...

How Can Zimbabwean Cities Solve Street Vending Challenge

The nationwide lockdown during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic of 2020 stirred a longtime discussion on street vending. What...

APS Urges African Governments to Adopt Planning for Recovery Agenda

Following the announcement of the legislative priorities for 2022 under the theme Planning for Recovery Agenda, APS has written and...

African Planning Society Announces Legislative Priorities of 2022

Every year, the African Planning Society (APS) sets legislative priorities, which it urges African governments to adopt for...

Egypt Finalising the Development of its New Capital City

CAIRO, Egypt – The government of Egypt is preparing for the moving in of its first batch of...

Zimbabwe’s Tourist Destination, Victoria Falls Accorded City Status

ZIMBABWE- On the 9th of December, Victoria Falls Municipality, a top global tourist destination in Zimbabwe was accorded city...