The African Centre for Cities at University of Cape Town has launched a new Masters Programme in Sustainable Urban Practice. The Masters in Sustainable Urban Practice (MSUP) seeks to cultivate urban integrators who are able to discern opportunities for integration and can build the necessary coalitions for change. It seeks to build professional who are confident in varied cultures of communication and can build bridges between sectors, fields, and scales o urban practice.

The programme seeks to address the often-fragmented ways in which urban questions are framed, institutionalised and engaged by varied levels of government citizens, civil society organisations and private sector actors. It seeks to train urban actors that can work across practices, professional norms, hierarchies, sectors and urban problems.

Exploring themes of multi-level governance, sustainable infrastructures and sustainable urban transitions, the programme is for the duration of 24 months delivered at University of Cape Town in South Africa. The African Centre for Cities’ programme is aimed at mid-career urban professionals in government, civil society, or in the private sector who have realised the limits of their practice.

Applications for the inaugural class which begins March 2022 closes 31 January 2022. For more information, please download the programme brochure. Download Brochure

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